More than 40% of our service volume is with customers who benefit from service agreements




Innovation in Acid Control and Environment Solutions

We understand the challenges and importance of running process critical equipment 24/7 in a demanding industrial environment.




Your Partner in Acid Control and Environment Solutions

At Scanacon, our commitment to the customer does not end with delivery; it is only the beginning.


With over 30 years of experience delivering acid management technology worldwide, Scanacon understands the challenges and importance of running process critical equipment 24/7 in a demanding industrial environment.


At Scanacon, our commitment to the customer does not end with delivery; it only begins. Our goal is to remain an active partner and service provider long after commissioning, throughout our equipments’ lifecycle.


Ensuring Scanacon equipment has a long operational life under highly corrosive environments demands the very best in components and materials of construction. We utilize only the highest standards of advanced thermoplastics to ensure our equipment operates with minimal on-going maintenance costs and negligible down-time.


Maintenance-friendly, modular designed systems are Scanacon’s hallmark. Our flexible modular design offers increased reliability and duplicity over competitive designs, while offering near limitless expandability. Future capacity needs are met simply by adding additional modules to the existing system, thereby preserving the initial capital investment.


Scanacon offers a wide range services and solutions meet each customers individual service needs. Providing a comprehensive service plan preserves our customers valuable manpower, resources and capital.


To discuss what service requirements are best for you, contact the nearest Scanacon service department today.



By working closely and maintaining long term relationships with the largest stainless and speciality alloy producers and fabricators in the world, Scanacon has developed an competency and knowledge regarding acid finishing processes that is second to none. As a long term supplier that stays with our customers, we have been a competency provider to acid pickling, etching and metal forming operators for over 40 years.  


Production, quality, safety and environmental issues surrounding the finishing operation are Scanacon’s speciality. Working with you, our consulting group can audit and evaluate your process line, outline areas for potential improvement and propose what technology is necessary to achieve an optimum finishing operation.


In many instances, Scanacon can install pilot scale equipment on your finishing line in order to demonstrate our competency and technology under actual operating conditions. This approach allows our customers to further quantify and confirm the projected benefits prior to a full-scale system installation.


To discuss what our professional consulting services can deliver to you, <strong><a href="mailto:" style="color: black">Contact us today</a></strong>.



With over 30 years experience working in one of the most corrosive industrial environments in the world, Scanacon understands thermoplastic engineering and fabrication. We are experts in polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene difluoride (PVDF).


From wastewater treatment plants to acid management systems, chemical distribution systems, process piping or engineered thermoplastic process tanks, Scanacon has the expertise to deliver engineered thermoplastic systems that meet your demands.


Don’t trust the integrity and safety of your acid process to just anyone. Let our 30 years of engineering experience to work for you.


To discuss the details of our extended engineering services, please contact us today.

Service Agreements


Scanacon offers a wide range of service agreements and contracts designed to maximize your return on your investment (ROI). Service agreements are designed to optimize and enhance the life–cycle performance of your Scanacon system.


Designed to compliment your existing in-house maintenance, our service group offers additional capabilities and skills required to maintain Scanacon supplied equipment at it’s optimum efficiency.


Understaffed? Limited Resources ? No need to worry. Scanacon offers a complete maintenance agreements that address all service needs and allow for the customer to focus it’s maintenance efforts on other needs.


Looking at outsourcing your maintenance ? Talk to us. Scanacon can bundle services that best meet your maintenance needs.


Looking to reduce inventory of spares and consumable items ? We’re here to help. Service agreements can minimize investment in consumables and spare parts, while ensuring that critical items are always available in stock.


Emergency outage or unscheduled shutdown ? No problem. Scanacon’s service professionals are available 24/7 to get your equipment back on-line.


To discuss what service package is best for your needs, contact us today.

Installation & Commissioning

Scanacon turn-key installation services are available with every system we supply - no matter the project size, complexity or geographical location. By selecting Scanacon for a project installation ensures the highest quality installation available, with “on time” execution and professional project management. Who better to install the equipment than the company that engineered and manufactured it ?


Commissioning services are provided with the same level of attention to detail, ensuring your equipment is up and running on schedule, after installation.


Precision technical training ensures your Scanacon equipment is operated and maintained properly. We ensure the training provided accommodates our customers specific requirements, across a wide range of skill sets and departments, including engineering, operations and maintenance staff.


Scanacon training services are offered at either a Scanacon training facility or at the plant site at the customers convenience.


On-going “refresher training” is available for existing plant personnel as well as for new plant personnel.


To discuss the details of our training services, please contact us today.

Upgrades & Replacements

You made the right choice by selecting Scanacon equipment the first time.


Today, however, your needs and requirements may have changed. Our goal is to continuously improve and protect your initial investment by offering equipment upgrades and replacements.


Whether the initial investment with Scanacon was made 5,10 or 30 years ago, our experts will help develop a long-term operation and capacity plan. Through a complete review of your Scanacon system, we can identify upgrade opportunities with the greatest ROI and productivity potential.


To discuss the details of our upgrades and replacement programs, contact us today.

Spare Parts & Consumables

Timely delivery of spare parts & consumables is the most critical item to the ongoing operations for any customer.


At Scanacon, we maintain a comprehensive stock of factory Scanacon parts and guarantee their availability throughout the product life cycle. For urgent parts requests, our logistics personnel and partners are available to provide immediate emergency response.


Spares are stocked throughout our global network of service units, including everything from individual components to complete assemblies.


Genuine Scanacon spares ensures enhanced product reliability by using the original, high quality certified parts, equipment uptime due to guaranteed delivery of the required parts, and our global logistics network ensures fast delivery.


Contact any one of our representatives to order spare parts & consumables for your system, today.