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Engineered for producers of Titanium, Zirconium and other special metals

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Redefining Value for Special Metals Producers


Introducing the latest addition to the ModuFlex family specially engineered for producers of titanium, zirconium and other special metals.

Scanacon’s SM-ModuFlex offers improved control of the pickling or milling process for producers of titanium and zirconium wrought and cast products.

For over 15 years, Scanacon’s SAR ModuFlex system has remained the worlds first and only modular technology for free acid recovery from acid finishing processes.

Now, Scanacon is pleased to announce an entirely new addition to the ModuFlex family specifically designed for acid pickling and chemical milling processes that improves productivity, product quality and significantly reduces the costs associated with the pickling or chemical milling process.


Maintaing the pickling or chemical milling process at optimum efficiency

In the pickling or chemical milling process, the concentration of dissolved metal ions have a pronounced effect on pickling or etch rates and limit the useful working life of the pickling or chemical milling bath. When the concentrations of contaminant metal ions are allowed to continually increase, there becomes a point where the efficiency of the process becomes unfavorable and the solution is discarded.

For producers of titanium, zirconium, tungsten and other special metals, separating dissolved ions from pickling and chemical milling solutions efficiently has always been a challenge due to the complex metal species that form in HNO3-HF acid solutions.

The SM-ModuFlex improves efficiency by a 


separation process designed to eliminate the interference of complex metal species and allows for near indefinite re-use of the finishing solution, significantly reducing acid purchases and waste volumes.


How does it operate ?


The SM-ModuFlex utilizes a revolutionary reversible non-ionic separation process that allows for complex acid-metal separations not possible by acid sorption or retardation.

Like all systems in the ModuFlex product family, the SM-ModuFlex uses only water for regeneration to return a metal lean purified acid stream back to the 

pickling or chemical milling process, while the de-acidified metal rich stream is directed to wastewater treatment for neutralization prior to discharge.

Treatment can be done at the existing wastewater treatment plant, or one specifically designed and supplied by Scanacon.


Modular designs our hallmark  


Scanacon systems are unique in that their modular design allows for limitless expansion, flexibility and inherent redundancy – important considerations when choosing process equipment.

High operation efficiency, compact modular designs, superior materials of construction and low maintenance requirements have made Scanacon the world leader in acid-metal separation equipment, with the Scanacon MiniFlex and ModuFlex systems the worlds best selling technology.



The SM-ModuFlex brings all the benefits to special metals producers that the ModuFlex has delivered to stainless steel producers worldwide - increased productivity and significant savings due to improved efficiencies and the cost associated with neutralization and disposal of waste acid.

When compared to dumping to control dissolved metal concentration, the Scanacon SM-ModuFlex offers significant savings by reducing the acid lost per kg of metal removed by over 80% and lime for neutralization by 70%.

Environmentally, the SM-ModuFlex is the greener alternative, significantly reducing the solids for disposal and nitrates discharged by the user.


Delivering complete acid management solutions since 1982

Scanacon are specialists in delivering engineered solutions for the management of acids used in the pickling, chemical milling and etching of stainless steels, titanium, zirconium and other metals and alloys. We have been providing the best available process control technology for acid processes for over 30 years. 

Our range of products include acid-metal and acid-solids separation, acid-metal analysis, circulation systems, thermoplastic fabrication and waste-water treatment systems.

Scanacon equipment optimizes the acid finishing process, reducing acid consumption and waste and deliver benefits in improved productivity, quality, cost, employee health & safety and the environment to our customers.