The main advantages with the new stand-alone ASRA sludge digger:


• Drastically reduced acid losses when discarding sludge – More then 90% acid savings

• Reduced acid dumping - Reduced neutralization cost, less sludge and less nitrate release

• Drastically reduced amount of stops in the line Saves hundreds of thousands of Euros per annum!

Save up to 400.000 EUR/Year! 

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ASRA, Spelling the end to Sludge Problems

Meet ASRA, the only stand-alone solution for suspended solids control and sludge removal from single and mixed acid pickling processes


ASRA offers producers of stainless and specialty alloy steels the ability to continuously remove high volumes of suspended solids from their finishing process without the need to shut down and manually clean accumulated solids from process tanks and piping.


Another innovation from the world leader in acid management technology, ASRA compliments Scanacon’s portfolio of acid-solids separation technology by offering the ideal stand-alone system for sludge removal for producers of flat-rolled, tubular and long products.


Solids control is key to saving valuable acids and production hours


For producers of stainless and speciality alloy steels, maintaing a clean sludge-free process is critical to maintaing product quality and high productivity. Unscheduled outages due to the accumulation of sludge can, in many cases amount to significant lost production hours to dump, clean, reformulate and re-start the pickling line - typically 6 to 8 hours of lost production per stoppage.


Shutdowns to clean sludge not only represents lost valuable production hours but also potential safety and environmental liabilities of handling and disposing this highly acidic-metal rich toxic material.


ASRA eliminates the need to shutdown and manually clean process tanks and pipework, saving valuable production hours and eliminating manual handling and disposal of toxic sludge.


In many cases, the combined savings between eliminating production stand-stills, lost acids, neutralization and disposal costs, and labour can amount to hundreds of thousands of euros per annum !


ASRA is the superior alternative to traditional filtration techniques


ASRA is a unique filter that employs a series of vertical filter elements, each constructed with a speciality filter material. ASRA operates as a “dead-end” filter and when operating on high suspended solids feeds, rapidly builds a dense filter cake on each vertical element which in turn acts as a filtration medium.

Cleaning the ASRA is automatic and key to ASRA’s efficiency. High pressure air is used to displace acid from the filter housing and from within the filter cake itself, guaranteeing minimum acid loss from the process.



The use of air to expand the filter cloth from around the vertical elements brakes the cake from the cloth as a solid material, or in conjunction with water, as a slurry for disposal.




ASRA stands as sentinel, protecting your process against the problems associated with sludge and saving:

- cost due to lost acid

- lost production hours

- material lost to poor quality

- material re-work

- manpower to manually clean tanks

- water, waste-water and nitrate discharge


In most cases, the economic benefits for a ASRA installation achieve a return on investment within 12 months after installation.


Delivering complete acid management solutions since 1982


Scanacon are specialists in delivering engineered solutions for the management of acids used in the pickling, chemical milling and etching of stainless steels, titanium, zirconium and other metals and alloys. We have been providing the best available process control technology for acid processes for over 30 years.

Our range of products include acid-metal and acid-solids separation, acid-metal analysis, circulation systems, thermoplastic fabrication and waste-water treatment systems.

Scanacon equipment optimizes the acid finishing process, reducing acid consumption and waste and deliver benefits in improved productivity, quality, cost, employee health & safety and the environment to our customers.