03 January 2013

System order from Wuxi Jelin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. China

Scanacon Asia Ltd. and Scanacon (Shanghai) Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd. are happy to inform that we recently received a system order from Wuxi Jelin Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. located in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, PR of China.


The customer is a privately owned stainless steel producer and this order is for their first CAPL. Scanacon will deliver 2 SAR ModuFlex modules, a BW and an AT75; spare parts will later be bought locally from Scanacon Shanghai. Our system will be delivered in December 2012 and commissioned as soon as the line is ready around March 2013.


Jelin’s main reasons for buying our systems are acid savings, environmental concerns and generally improved pickling conditions. The order is important since it shows that we are the preferred supplier even for smaller privately owned steel producers, despite the large price difference compared with our local competitors. Scanacon is the only foreign supplier for this locally designed and manufactured APL.