03 January 2013

System order from Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. China

Scanacon Asia Ltd. and Scanacon (Shanghai) Environmental Technologies Co., Ltd. are happy to inform that we recently received a system order from Taiyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. (TISCO) located in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, PR of China.


The customer is the world’s largest stainless steel producer and this order covers their four new APL’s. These four lines include the world’s largest HAPL and the world’s largest CAPL plus one more HAPL and CAPL. Scanacon has earlier delivered two Acid Management Systems for TISCO in 2005 and two more systems in 2010 plus more than 10 analysers.


Scanacon will deliver a SAR ModuFlex XL and a CycloSAFU to each CAPL and the HAPL dedicated for ferritic material and a system consisting of 3 SAR ModuFlex XL and a CycloSAFU XL for the large HAPL. Our systems will work in parallel with an ARP. All systems will be delivered during and commissioned during 2013.


TISCO’s main reasons for buying our systems are acid savings and improved pickling conditions. The order is important because of its size and TISCO’s role as by far the most important reference in China.