21 February 2020


In stainless steel plants dissolved metals from processes such as pickling end up as huge volumes of “environmentally unfriendly” waste that must be disposed of at increasingly high cost. Now, thanks to Scanacon’s new Metal Recycling system, the plants can recover and re-use high value metals such as chrome and nickel from their wastewater streams. The system reduces sludge and environmental impact to almost zero, promising a major boost in profitability for steel plants.

Developed to treat the byproduct from a Scanacon Acid Recycling system, already installed in many plants worldwide, the Scanacon Metal Recycling system utilizes standardized Scanacon core technology, combined with two new innovated products developed inhouse in a four-step process, with no sludge produced from neutralization.


A closed loop process

The system enables the capture of high value metals from wastewater streams. The metals can be returned to the plant upstream of the capture point, be included in the production flow, or even sold as a separate product. Working together, the two recycling systems provide a closed loop process.


Overall, the financial benefits for a steel plant are impressive. Not only can the high value metals be recycled or sold, there are also substantial cost savings relating to acids, chemicals, neutralizing agents, sludge handling, filter press costs, transportation and more.


Like the Acid Recycling system, the Metal Recycling system was developed inhouse by Scanacon in response to questions raised by plant owners and operators in the steel industry.


Return on investment in approximately two years

“The key question from customers has been ‘how can we minimize environmental impact in order to produce steel cost effectively?’ says Scanacon Chief Technical Officer Dr David Stenman.

“Our Acid and Metal Recycling systems are the answer. We recommend plants that do not yet have a Scanacon Acid Recycling system to invest in the complete Scanacon Acid and Metal Recycling and sludge elimination concept. It offers clear benefits in terms of reducing a plant's environmental impact, as well as substantial savings in operating costs. The payback time is approximately two years.”

Easily integrated into customers' production

The Scanacon Metal Recycling solution is available as a complete integrated system that easily can be installed into the existing production setups.


A profitable addition to the production process for steel plants, the Scanacon Metal Recycling system can benefit many industries with high value metals dissolved in their waste streams.


For more information, please contact:

Stig Lundström, CEO, +46 70 262 71 02, stig.lundstrom@scanacon.se

David Stenman, CTO, +46 70 577 43 34, david.stenman@scanacon.se